Testimonials for Gervase Bushe and Appreciative Inquiry

In the 1990’s I was Chairman of the Board at Sinova Management Consultants, a leading consulting company in Sweden with a network of partner companies around Western Europe . I engaged Dr. Bushe for a number of workshops on Appreciative Inquiry. The participants were consultants from Sinova and the European partner companies, and also from the Scandinavian research community.

Dr. Bushe was an outstanding workshop leader in many ways. He was brilliant in integrating the theoretical cornerstones of Appreciative Inquiry with hands-on training of practical skills. He had a way of coaching each participant with a splendid blend of challenge and kind support. Dr. Bushe handled the cultural differences between himself and the participants, as well as within the participant groups. The differences became a learning opportunity instead of an obstacle. He has a personal easy-going charm combined with premium intellectual brightness.

I am proud to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Bushe as an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator to consultants, companies and universities all around the world.

  • Sincerely,
  • Dr. Åke Philips
  • Philips Partners A.B.
  • Stockholm , Sweden

The work Gervase Bushe has done with the Vancouver Shool District has had widespread impact on the system. As a consultant, he has guided the design and implementation of Appreciative Inquiry throughout the District over the past three years. There is no doubt that the effectiveness of the Learning Inquiry is a result of Gervase's outstanding expertise in leadership and organizational development, as well as his integrity and highly ethical practice. (to read the whole letter click here)

Leanne Buteau, Mary Filleul & Lynn Green

Learning Services, Vancouver School Board, December 2007

I engaged Dr. Gervase Bushe as facilitator for a 2-day Appreciative Inquiry training for experienced OD specialists of Credit Suisse, Switzerland. He showed great facilitation skills and managed very well and in highly flexible ways to adapt to the European business culture. 3-5 months after the training participants still felt a sustainable impact on their own consulting and to this day all participants actively use the AI approach. I highly recommend Mr. Bushe for 1) his proven expertise in the field of AI, 2) his sensitive and appropriate facilitating style and 3) his personal modesty.

  • Elisabeth Rohmert,
  • Rohmert Management Facilitation
  • Zurich , Switzerland

We wanted to bring members from every department in the provincial government together to learn about Appreciative Inquiry and engaged Dr. Bushe to lead the course. The workshop was informative and helped to encourage exchange of views and to document relevant experiences. We routinely do evaluation of workshops and Gervase received very positive reviews from all participants: they appreciated his clarity, his pragmatic approach and thought his handouts were useful – both at the workshop and for future application.

I recommend Professor Bushe as a speaker: he is well informed, speaks with passion and humour and is able to relate to a broad audience of varying backgrounds

  • Joy Illington
  • Cabinet Secretary to the Premier of British Columbia
  • Victoria, BC, Canada

After taking this course my understanding of many aspects of life in general has changed. I have recommend this course to everyone I come across in the John Molson MBA program...I would go as far as making it a core course. There is no other course that is more relevant to an MBA grad than the Appreciative Inquiry course.

  • Fadi Sabbagh,
  • IT Specialist Enterprise &Technology Solutions
  • TD Bank Financial Group